Friday, July 25, 2014

ripping it up in the studio

Lily, colored pencil, 11.5x8 inches
I'm cleaning out old artwork and can hardly believe it but I just ripped up three old colored pencil drawings. The frames are on their way to the Goodwill. I saved the mats for possible future art.  When I came to "Lilies and Dahlias" I fell in love (again) with the lower left corner. I will cut it away from the rest of the painting and rename it "Lily."


  1. Well, I guess you did the right thing! I love the left hand corner and it was an improved painting after cutting the other part away. But somehow, I have trouble doing that! And forget tearing up and throwing in the bin, a painting I have slaved over, even if it is bad! I just don't have the fortitude to do it! Maybe I'm afraid that if I get started, I might just rip them all up!!

  2. You won't tear them all up! I think artists know (maybe after some reflection or time) when a painting isn't successful as a whole but there is usually a way to crop the same painting into a very good one. The ones that I have actually ripped up are being saved (in pieces) for possible collage work in the future.