Monday, November 24, 2014

my first pastel painting

Plums and Blue Bowl, pastel on velour paper, 8 x 7.25 inches
Dah-da! My first pastel. For those who have studied pastel with me, you know this story.

When I began working with pastel, I thought velour paper would give me the soft look I was envisioning. I applied the pastel to paper and then dutifully took the painting outside and gave it a couple whacks on the backside (per Pat Meras who talked who generously gave me a crash course in pastel during a Women Painters of Washington luncheon about a dozen years ago). Oh, oh...what is that on my shoes? It is my painting!  Pat had no way of knowing I would be working on velour or that I would whack so enthusiastically.

There are pastel artists who work successfully on velour and if you will contact me, I'll make you a great deal on some velour paper! Plums and Blue Bowl will be available for purchase at Daily Paintworks 11/25/14.

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