Friday, December 5, 2014

annual tradition

"Tradition," pastel, 7 x 11 inches
It is my annual tradition to rework older paintings that I'm no longer happy with.  Today, it was "Road Show: November," a painting that has hung in one of our bathrooms for years. I have enjoyed it there but when I rotated art recently and hung something new in the bathroom, "Road Show: November" ended up in my studio and my painting style of five years ago began to bother me.

Brushing off Road Show: November from 2009
I unframed the painting, brushed the pastel off down to the ghost image. To bring the sky up in value, I applied an under-painting of white acrylic with a rubber spatula for a mottled effect. Once the acrylic was dry (just minutes) I began to work over all in pastel. This painting went through some very bad renditions and took way too long before "Tradition" emerged. It is named that for my annual tradition of reworking paintings - and because no other title besides Aaargggh! came to mind.


  1. Hi Barbara
    Just wanted to cheer you along with your house project!! We have also been building this year & moved into our new house a few weeks ago. Like yourself the house has been an expression of my love of colour, although mine ended up being tone/texture on tone. Our house is by the sea so that has been my inspiration! It's all worth it in the end we are loving it!! Recently I have been working with pastels, I have never tried oils and would very much like to explore this medium, can you recommend a brand you enjoy the most? Wishing you all the best with finishing your new home and a "Very Merry Christmas" Cheers Elaine

  2. Hello Elaine, it is good to hear that you lived through the building process. Not that it is hard, it is just so exciting that I wake in the night and then am awake for a couple hours thinking about the house. We are about 4 months to completion - the roofing starts Monday.Then there is all the landscaping! As for a brand of oil paint...I suggest you try different brands. I am so new to it and involved in learned how to make the paint do what I want it to that I always assume I am the problem, not the paint. I suggest you find an artist whose technique you like (thin paint, thick paint, etc.) and then if they teach a workshop, see if you can get the supply list. Or, just email them and ask. Most artists are generous with information. Good luck to you! Happy Holidays in your new home!