Monday, December 1, 2014

autumn memories from memory

Autumn Memories, pastel, 10 x14 inches
Late yesterday I unframed an old abstract pastel and began again with an oil wash over the top of the pastel ghost. It's fun to wake up to a painting foundation that has dried overnight and is ready for the pastel. This one went through some pretty bad stages until I put the iPad reference photo away and began to paint from memory. No specific place in mind...just what I know about marshy, brushy scenes. I like it. See the reference photo and the oil foundation below.


  1. This is stunningly beautiful! May I ask what surface(s) you use?

  2. Thank you Tammy. I usually work on Wallis because it can take such abuse and I can get it wet for an underpainting or to wash it off. It is not unusual for me to rework a painting a couple times over the course of a few years.