Thursday, January 22, 2015

second trio and goodbye pretty

If you read my posts of January 13 and 15, you saw my pretty reference photo. I've worked with that photo before as a lesson on value but can't remember completing a painting to send out into the world. Now, here I am again, using the same reference photo for the second trio of acrylic paintings. And, once again, I'm losing interest in this pretty scene. Give me wild, unkempt, tangled nature and I'm inspired to paint. The above painting - about 70% complete - is as far as I got before I started gagging on pretty. The other two panels have been painted over, scrubbed, poked and prodded and I'm starting to get somewhere (somewhere I want to go) with them.

Love the top half of this. Just before leaving the studio last night, I took a wet paper towel and scrubbed off the lower half. I'll start on that again today.

This one will probably be a loose interpretation of the pretty reference photo. Back and forth, paint on, paint off. Running from "pretty."

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