Thursday, February 26, 2015

painting over an old painting

River's Edge, 24x18, 2005
If you follow my blog instead of stumbling upon today's post by accident, you know that I am repainting big old pastels from 2005. This one is River's Edge. I painted a small study of it yesterday and changed it quite a bit from the way I looked at things ten years ago. I decided to unframe the painting and use the paper (Wallis Belgium Mist) for a new scene using two small studies I did for a larger version of Dappled Path.

           Studies 3 and 4  Purchase

After I brushed and vacuumed off as much pastel as I could from the original painting, I applied acrylic with a 2 inch house painting brush using the small studies as a loose reference for the composition.

This is the new painting about 70% complete. Notice my very limited number of pastels - an added challenge. These are the only ones that are not packed up for the move.


  1. I happened upon your art and blog about a week ago and am enjoying both! Beautiful work!

  2. i am struck by the huge change in your style....i love the newer work so much, so loose and impressive.

    i'm still very new to this medium - i love it, and i'm trying very hard to find my own is helpful to see how artists change over the years, thanks!

  3. Hello Big Hill Pottery. The difference you see in this post is a span of 10 years of continuous painting. Also, these larger pieces are gallery work so ten years ago that was the kind of work that I was showing and selling in galleries but I am always experimenting. Some of my smaller work from 10 years ago is every bit as loose as my larger work is now. Thanks for your comment. Happy painting to you.