Monday, March 9, 2015


All together now on my studio wall: the three 24 x 18 inch paintings from the first quarter of 2015. Now I really will take that sabbatical I've been talking about because today I finished boxing up all my art supplies. Feels very strange. It's time to turn my attention to packing, refinishing a couple pieces of furniture and transplanting many plants to the flower garden at our new home.

I expect a lot of physical work this spring and summer so I look forward to ending each day in my new bathtub with candlelight from the Glassybaby selected for me by my grandson Elias. He chose this color based on my cool painting palette.

Also complete is 8 weeks of online mentoring of Canadian artist Barbara DeMott through two paintings. She was my test case and I have a better idea now of how I might structure online mentoring in the Fall to assist several students to more successful work. If you are interested in having your name added to my online mentoring list, email me. Below is Barbara DeMott's painting, shared with her permission. Great job Barbara!

Homesite Creek Falls, pastel, 12x11 inches, Barbara DeMott


  1. Your paintings are magnificent, Barbara, and perfectly framed. Good luck to you with your packing and moving and replanting and refinishing and all that goes with moving into your dream home. I'm so happy for you and can imagine how excited you and your husband must be! Best of everything to the both of you!