Tuesday, April 28, 2015

crazy day

The studio is packed up in boxes ready for the move; I haven't posted any new art for months and have unsubscribed from most art blogs so I can focus on the tasks at hand (packing). Then...today, surprise! I received two purchases through Daily Paintworks. I knew right where one painting was (in my flat files) but the other one took a couple hours to find among the packed boxes. Fortunately, I made a note in my Art Database which box number it was in - otherwise I'd still be looking! I'm thankful for this crazy day.

Autumn at Anahim Lake will go to a new home in NY.

Study for River's Edge will go to a new home in Hawaii.


  1. Congratulations two fold - first for two new collectors of you work, and second for being able to find the piece that was already packed for your new studio! Cheers!