Friday, July 3, 2015

First shots of the new Studio

My new Studio is finally organized enough to share some photos. It is smaller than my old studio but  I have a separate storage area behind the door at left in the above photo. The little niche where the table is was originally designed to have a studio sink, then the sleeper sofa but in reality I like the table there. The stainless steel sink for studio cleanup is just down the hall in the laundry room.

I have two painting stations, the one on the left is my big Hughes easel for oil, acrylic, etc.  The one on the right is my good old MABEF for pastel because it can accommodate the Artists Air Filter System. A huge improvement over my previous studio is the track lighting. I don't even know what these bulbs are but I know they're LED and expensive and should outlast me. Between the two easels is my old Boeing drafting table with a ton of stuff crammed under it for now. My pastels are still in boxes to the right of the pastel easel; I don't think I'll get to them until it starts to rain.

This is the West wall of the Studio looking out onto the back patio and the flower-garden-in-progress. The Studio gets blasted with afternoon sun so all windows and the french doors have blinds. I look forward to painting plein air on the back patio and in the garden where I'll only have a few feet to haul supplies.

This sleeper sofa was gigantic in our old house but it looks small here. This weekend the Studio will turn into a guest bedroom. Look how FEW art books I have kept for the move! I should post a shot of the titles. The non objective painting in this photo is a Cathy Woo and the very small piece in the previous photo of my easel wall is by Carole Barrer alongside a drawing by colored pencil artist, Bill Nelson. These artists inspire me. Wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July.


  1. It's absolutely lovely. I'm so excited to visit your new studio and home. You have done a great job of creating a little piece of heaven for yourself and Jay.

  2. You designed such a lovely studio!
    ..and thank you for the recognition!!

  3. It's always a treat to see someone's studio. Thank you for taking the time post photos of the space and of your cute studio companion. Wishing you many happy, productive hours there.