Friday, July 24, 2015

The bonding process and floater frames

I woke up early this morning remembering that I agreed to be one of three artists in a Fall gallery show... and here it is, almost August! That motivates my need to bond with my new studio. The painting area is really half the studio. The other half is the sleeper sofa, table and Annie bed. I hope to be back to painting soon in this compact area.

I found floater frames in two styles/sizes, two of each frame - one new and one used (used ones are shown here and have hanging wires attached). I doubt that I will use them again so if you use this type of frame and live within driving distance, let me know. Prices are very reasonable, I just put them on OfferUp.

The top frame(s) is for a painting 18 x 18 inches. It is black with gold front. The bottom frame is for an 18 x 24 painting and is dark brown wood composite with a backing board.

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