Friday, August 14, 2015

Take a look...

After my post yesterday showing a small pastel study, I had a conversation with my husband about why I posted the green reference photo along with the colorful little pastel. I told him about a follow-up post I would do as soon as I had time - one in which I would put into words what I showed as a visual: take any reference photo and push the color. If you have trouble imagining how to do this, put the reference photo in Photoshop and slide the "Hue" bar. It is an interesting experiment. Meanwhile, today Marla Baggetta has posted on the same topic and she has saved me a lot of typing as well as explaining it better than I might have. Here is a link to Marla's post. Thank you Marla from all of us!

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that the little studies on Daily Paintworks, mine and those of others, are inexpensive little gems of education, especially if you can't study in person with the artist. If you want a real, live example to study composition, value, color or stroke, invest in one of these. Place it on your easel next to your painting and put it to work by example to improve your own art. Here is one I have available now -  Study for "Leaving Home". See it on Daily Paintworks.

Study for Leaving Home Sold

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  1. It is so true! Now that I do own paintings from other artists - the ones I follow and admire - it totally makes a difference. With pastel it does make a difference to see the painting in person than in a digital format.

    Thanks for sharing!