Monday, September 14, 2015

Sure Mount

Judy commented on yesterday's post asking what adhesive I use to mount pastel paper to Gatorbord. Here it is. When it arrived, the jug had leaked all over the instruction label so I had to Google how to use it. Can't remember now but I just Googled it and found this information.


  1. Barbara-
    Who makes this adhesive and where can it be purchased. I have not had good luck with liquid adhesives. I have tried a Nuetral pH Adhesive by Lineco, that Richard McKinley mentioned in one of his books, and my experience it that it "warps/bows" the board and makes it difficult to paint on due to the curve created by the "warp/bow". Your thoughts?

    1. Also a good option is Lamin - All, you can You Tube Lori McNee for a how to use video.

  2. Hi Randall, did you click on the "this information" link in the post above? I just googled the product again and found this additional link.
    I have Lineco but haven't tried using it as an over all adhesive. Using Sure-Mount, I always put a piece of glass over whatever I am gluing together and put weight on top of it so it dries flat. Yes, very annoying to try to make art on a concave or convex surface that you wish was flat!