Thursday, March 10, 2016

on the easel today

On the easel today at about 50% complete: Two 5x7 studies of a simple country scene. On the left, the sky is blue, the grass is green... I've painted many of these sticking pretty close to the reference photo (shown below).
Reference photo for the scene above
But, one of my favorite painting challenges is taking liberties with the landscape. A pink sky in the middle of the day? Blue grass? That's my goal for the painting on the right.

I'll be teaching two one-day workshops on this subject in July. To write the syllabus for the workshop, I'm working two paintings at once to document exactly what liberties I take. Color is the most obvious one but what else? hmm...

By the way, I'm posting paintings for sale again on the Etsy Shop I opened almost exactly three years ago. I'll be adding more work soon. Returning Beginners Luck, I sold two today. Yay! BBNewtonArt

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