Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Wild, pastel, 5 x 7 inches
Sometimes I push a pastel painting past the point of no return. When the words "labored, contrived, sweet, pretty and cute" come to mind, it is time for me to hose it off (Wallis paper), brush it off (most other papers) or get the baking soda out (Pastelmat).

I would love to teach a workshop where each student brings a painting that has gone past the point of no return. Together we could breathe new life into it. But it finally occurred to me that most artists probably don't want to haul that type of painting out in front of a room full of other artists. Maybe a private couple hours with me? Anyone interested in that?

This painting was a big mess (well, as big a mess as a 5x7 can be). I finally took most of the pastel off and began again with ABANDON. Yay! I'm happy with it now.  This one is available on Etsy.


  1. Hi Barbara, I'm interested in learning more about using the baking soda to clean off Pastelmat. Love that paper and didn't know there was a way to reuse it!! Thanks

  2. Hello Nancy, I wish I could give credit to the artist who posted this info but I can't remember where I read it...maybe on FB. Anyway, I tried it and it worked! Sprinkle Baking Soda on the pastel painting, rub in small circles with your fingertips and shake off. I was amazed and happy.