Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A new way of working?

At a recent Critique Group meeting we discussed the differences in the way we work. Some artists work many pieces at once and others of us MUST complete one painting at a time before we can move on. That is me. The exception to this is when I am working in more than one medium. That's one of the reasons I have two work stations set up in my studio: one for pastel and the other for wet media.

However, for the past few weeks I have a project going that requires working in pastel on eight paintings simultaneously and they are in sets of two. I'm having a little trouble keeping my pastel sticks organized so I can find the colors for each painting set. Other than that, I find this very interesting and perhaps I've stumbled upon a permanent new way of working. Each morning I work on one set for about 2 hours. By then, I'm tired and it is when I get tired that I start making bad decisions. So, I take a lunch/laundry/walk around the garden (which inevitably leads to weeding) break. Later in the afternoon I paint on another set for a couple hours. This seems to be working because the next morning when I enter the studio I am pleased with the results of the day before.

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