Monday, May 16, 2016

Focusing on Workshops

My big art project is done and most of the garden is planted so I can begin to focus on upcoming one-day workshops in my Studio in July and a three-day workshop nearby (with visits to the Studio) at the end of September.
Garden: Looking East through the misty rain toward the lake. The Clematis is happy!

Garden: Turn around to face West, the Delphiniums are happy along the walk to the house. The Studio courtyard garden and patio are to the right just out of this picture frame. 

My big spring project was eight new paintings. Right now they are being photographed. I'll be able to tell you more about this project in a few months.

Workshops: Here is a link to the info I posted previously. Email me if you would like to confirm your interest (I have a list of names) or if you would like more info. By the end of May, I'll have the outline and supply lists for the Studio workshops. Email barbara newton at comcast dot net. I'd make a link a for you but I don't want all the spam it would generate.

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