Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paint Along with Me - Day Five

There comes a point in every painting demo that I quit talking...simply because I get so involved in the work that I quit talking and taking photos. I guess this is called "being in the zone." Whatever it is called, I begin working on intuition.  This is the last photo I took to show you how I lift pastel off the painting with a stiff brush. Remember, the ground was toned with yellow ochre. 

Apple on Glass Plate, pastel, 5 x 7 inches

Now, after spending hours on a little painting, you will know the subject very well and the pastel sticks you used are all out in front of you. So...get out another piece of paper, same size but maybe a different color and paint the same subject again but this time, paint it in 15 minutes!
Apple II on Glass Plate, pastel, 5 x 7 inches


  1. Thanks for the nice tutorial. I was very happy to get a decent painting (for a beginner) by following you.

  2. I looked at your painting on your blog and commented there but here it is again:
    Thank you for painting along with me! Obviously, you have a sensitive eye for color, you have all the color nuances here. That is something hard to teach, so you're well on your way to painting great images. The paper looks like it might be Canson Mi-Tientes. If so, I suggest you turn the paper over and use the "soft" side that is less bumpy. Try this little painting again on that side and see the difference! You'll have a smoother transition of all those beautiful colors you see. Congratulations on a good job!