Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Paint Along with Me - Day Two

To continue this session of Paint Along with Me, print the color adjusted image on glossy paper then change the mode to gray and print another copy on regular copy paper. Or, make a b/w copy of the color image in your copier.

Draw an "X" from corner to corner on the gray scale image. This is X will help you transfer the composition to your painting ground.

I'm working on Wallis paper toned with Yellow Ochre Gesso. I use a light colored pastel pencil to draw an "X" on my ground and then indicate placement of the apple using light lines.

With a blue pastel pencil I refine the line drawing. 

NuPastel 405-P is a fairly dark blue/green. I use it to lay in darkest areas everywhere except in the apple. With gloved fingers, I drag color from dark areas over all except not on the apple.
No number on this NuPastel stick. It is lighter in value and brighter in intensity. Based on my reference photo, I add it for a bright spot of background behind the apple and where the light hits the edge of the scalloped glass plate. 

To be continued...

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