Saturday, August 6, 2016

My August Project

July workshops are complete (what fun!), my retrospective show is hung and future art commitments are scheduled for September.

My project for the month of August is to repaint seven old paintings that have been selected by an art print publisher. Of the seven, two are in my Collection of the Artist but are too small for reproduction so they must be painted again in a larger format. The other paintings have been sold so I printed out color copies to work from as my reference to repaint them.

Several are in oil so my studio has been rearranged to accommodate 24 x 24 inch panels for priming. I'm also working one or two of the paintings in pastel. The paintings will not be duplicates because my stroke and interpretation has grown in the years since they were painted.

On another subject, you may have read posts about my separation of office from studio when we moved. My little office is upstairs with big iMac and file cabinets. But, I find I need a surface to write on and an internet connection IN my studio. I set up a mini office along one wall. Now my life is a continuation of going between left brain and right brain instead of an intentional separation. I like it better.

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