Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Closet becomes office

As you may know from my posts on this blog, I have been in the process of bonding with this new Studio for more than two years. Much of it was about if I wanted my office in my Studio. When we moved to this new house, I insisted I wanted my office upstairs - far away from the area where I make art. And, I loved my sunroom office but I found I didn't really like my studio. It helped when I painted one wall of the studio a raspberry color (realized today it is pretty much the color of my BFF glassybaby that is part of my last oil painting).

Anyway, my office eventually made it's way back into my Studio then yesterday I had the brilliant idea of turning my art storage (+ furnace and tankless water heater) closet into my office for real. That meant painting walls. Very cozy in this 8x10 ft. space with my flat files and old iMac and new iMac but I love it.

Looking out into the Studio from the office, the Studio is a disaster now because I threw everything out of this room into that one. Note the desktop image on my computer - it is the scene when standing in the Studio looking out. Makes me feel less claustrophobic.

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