Tuesday, September 5, 2017

When things don't work out...

...they work out better.

There was a fourth painting in my "Everything old is New Again" series but after struggling with it for several painting sessions I lost interest so I turned it upside down and with Titanium White, I painted over most it of following an idea I had for a new painting - a bowl with several pieces of fruit and a vase of flowers in the background?

Next I needed a bowl, several pieces of fruit and flowers. I gathered the objects (well, most of them), arranged them on the dining room table (no room in my studio to paint directly from the setup) in approximately the same composition and took a photo.

This is the reference photo. Morning sun is the light source for form and cast shadows.

I drew the new composition
with charcoal and started painting.

Time for a value check. A few corrections to improve the value structure of the composition. "Value does the work, color gets the glory." -Richard McKinley, I think. See the finished painting below.

Brown Bowl, oil 18x18 inches


  1. Barbara, I always enjoy your blog posts, but these four Everything Old is New Again paintings are great! Thanks so much for sharing your progress/process and the original images. I'm taking special note of the value adjustments. I'm so glad I was able to meet you for one-on-one mentoring, I've only done one painting since, but there's already a broader value range and good color choices with the first try. Thanks!

    1. Laura, it's good to hear from you and about the progress of your own work. Thanks for being my FIRST Private Session artist. This series has been a turning point for my work and more painting FUN than I've had in a long time. I would love to see images of your new work.