Friday Private Lessons
We will work in my home studio in Black Diamond on a Friday date that will work for both of us to address your specific interests and goals. Part of the first session could be spent reviewing your work, helping you identify your painting challenges and/or your art goals. 

Some possible topics:

• Pastel (or another medium) techniques, mark making, supplies, framing.

• Working plein air or from reference photos

• Composition and color

• Developing your expression - representational to abstract

• The business of art

• Online sales

• The creative process that works for YOU. What will help you get to the easel daily or weekly?

Each session is $50 per hour with a two hour minimum.

2017 Schedule 
July - FULL
August  - FULL
September  - FULL
October - FULL
November - FULL
December - FULL

End of year note: That was fun! I am still working to find a balance between sharing what I know about making art and the business of art. For now, I don't plan to schedule 2018 yet until I figure out how much time other commitments will take. Thanks to all my 2017 Private Session Students!
Studio Workshop
Plein Air
June 27, 2017 
Barbara's Studio, Lake Sawyer, Black Diamond, WA
Class is limited to six students, all skill levels welcome. 

Three Day Workshop for Northwest Pastel Society
Sept, 30-Oct. 2, 2016 
Full with wait list

2016  One Day Studio Workshops
Barbara's Studio, Lake Sawyer, Black Diamond, WA
Class is limited to four students, all skill levels welcome.
July 14 - Still Life Full
July 14 - Landscape Full

A $50 deposit will hold your spot, see supply list below

Still Life in Pastel

Thursday, July 14, 2016  FULL

All supplies listed below are available online (Dick Blick, Cheap Joe’s etc.) if not at your local art supply such as Daniel Smith, Seattle.

We will use both hard and soft pastels. In the morning we will work on Pastelmat (I'll supply that) using primarily HARD pastels. We’ll use SOFT pastels for saturation and detail.

Soft pastels  - my favorite brands are Schmincke, Sennelier, Terry Ludwig, Unison.
Bring as many soft pastels as you want in a range of values and colors (warm and cool of each color). Bring several very dark hues and several very light hues.

Hard pastels  - A set of 24 (or more) Prismacolor NuPastels AND the following single colors that are not included in the set of 24: Bottle Green 298-P,  Indigo Blue 285-P, Warm Light Gray 239-P

Pastel pencils:  One each Stabilo CarbOthello Gray White 110 and Paynes Gray 770

Reference photos: Bring several choices for your still life or landscape painting in the afternoon.
1. For each reference photo, bring one color print on glossy photo paper and two black/white (grayscale) copies on regular copy paper.
2. If possible, adjust the color of your reference photo as needed to give you best information possible for your pastel color selections. I use Photoshop Elements to manipulate photos. See my Art Journal Blog posts of May 23 and May 27, 2016 for additional info about reference photos.

Pastel paper: Some of my favorites are Pastelmat, Colourfix, Canson Mi-Tientes Touch and toned Wallis. You choose the size – 8 x 8 inches, 9 x 12 inches are both good sizes to be able to complete a painting during the afternoon. Bring several sheets – pre cut or we can cut them to size in the Studio.  If you have white Wallis on hand, you can tone it a color at home with watercolor, oil paint wash, pastel diluted with alcohol, gesso, etc. but make sure the paper you bring to class is FLAT and dry.

Additional Supplies
• X-acto knife with new/sharp blade
• Soft Vine Charcoal
• Approx ½” wide stiff bristle brush
• Removable adhesive putty such as UHU Tac
• White Artist’s tape (3/4” – 1” wide)
    to attach paper to backing board on my easel or wall.
• Baby Wipes, paper towels (Viva), rags – wet to clean hands, dry to clean pastels
• Smart phone or digital camera to take progress photo and to check value.
• Notebook/sketchbook and pen/pencil
• Optional: Nitrile or latex surgical gloves or hand barrier cream, apron

To transport your completed paintings, bring one or two smooth rigid surfaces such as gator board or foam core and several sheets of glassine or waxed paper to sandwich your work..

Here’s an inexpensive place to buy gator-foam remnants for backing boards or for transporting paintings: Laird Plastics, 650 Industrial Way, Seattle, WA 206-623-4900 3/8” rigid “gator-board.

If you have any questions about the workshop, location or supplies, please email Barbara Newton at Comcast dot net

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