Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Elizabeth Mowry Workshop

I have owned Elizabeth Mowry's books for years, reading bits and pieces here and there; always pleased to revisit images of her art but more importantly for me, to read her words of wisdom. In my limited experience with pastel artists who also teach, I am so pleased when their attitude matches the beauty of their art.

Last weekend I had the good fortune to take her workshop. Elizabeth's kind, gentle nature enabled me to be my best-self painter for a few days. I slowed down, became more thoughtful and took more care in selection of my colors and strokes. Even as I stood at my own easel, hearing her voice as she worked with others in the group of very creative artists kept me on track.

Back home, I am looking at trees, bushes, and skies with new eyes and as I paint, I am inspired by Elizabeth's serenity and focus.


  1. Lucky you!
    My friend Christine was also in the workshop. Elizabeth is inspirational. It sounds like her presence resembles her paintings. Can't wait to see your newly inspired work!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have heard that Elizabeth Mowry teaching a wonderful workshop and perhaps I will take one from her someday! It's always nice to get instructor recommendations.