Thursday, February 2, 2012

grayscale and noseprints

I'm working on another painting of the dog park. I thought I better check my values against the reference photo to get the mood right. Photographing your work-in-progress and changing the image to grayscale is very helpful. While I work, Annie is doing her own noseprint painting on the studio window.


  1. Such a sweet-looking pup! What kind of dog is she? Our last dog was with us for 16 years. We're not ready for another yet, but know we will be some day and are starting to think...

  2. Thanks Sarah. Annie is a Black Tri Australian Shepherd. If you want a dog who will patiently wait while you paint, this breed is not it! Our previous dog was a mellow Rottweiler who was content to just lie in my studio. Then we were dogless for 12 years. Annie keeps us moving - she wants to play...I just had to stop typing and get her ball out from under the range...and is curious about everything! She is also sweet and very interactive.