Monday, February 20, 2012

presto, change-o!

 Out with the old....I brushed off a painting to use the surface again.
 Next, I applied a thin oil-wash as a loose composition of the next painting.
The finished pastel painting is another from the Golden Gardens Park, Seattle series. This one is a tangle of natural foliage along the bank of the pond. One of the goals of reworking old art is to be able to put it right back into the existing frame. I had a double mat on the original painting but this scene needed a little more room so I gained an inch all the way around by removing the bottom mat. The window is now 14.5 x 14.5 inches. The title is "Forsaken."


  1. Nice painting and cool technique. What kind of paper was it. I'm also curious what kind of pastels you use and if you spray it with anything when you're done. From what little I can see of the old painting it looked like a keeper. Love your work btw. Been a quite fan for a while.

  2. Terry the paper is Art Spectrum Colourfix. I'm not sure what color it was - probably a warm light neutral. Favorite pastel brands are Terry Ludwig, Unison, Schminke and Girault. I liked the original painting until I didn't like it anymore. I guess that means my work continues to change (grow?). Thanks for your nice comments.Oh, no, I don't spray with anything when I'm done.