Monday, March 26, 2012


I am done! Painting a scene with lots of green while in the season of disappointment (known elsewhere as spring) seemed to be a challenge for me. I kept the little color study beside me to stay on track. Good thing I finished this painting last night because the color study will ship to the Daily Paintworks winning bidder today!

Warning! Do not put a dozen eggs on the stove to boil thinking you can just duck into the studio for a minute to evaluate what needs to be resolved in a painting. I  thought I would just touch up an area or two and was totally in my painting zone until the dry eggs started exploding in the kitchen. Saddest part is that they were beautiful brown organic eggs. Boo hoo.


  1. Lovely spring painting. I sure do agree about the weather this spring for sure with all our thirties mornings.

    I can relate to your exploding eggs, as I have also been sidetracked way too long and had various things burn. My solution is to keep some light reading matter (short articles or catalogs) at one end of the kitchen counter, so I have something to do while waiting.

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  3. Hi Barbara, your blog shows again a fantastic work. Very instructively for beginners into the pastel painting.
    Which concerns your warning: With me there was not the beautiful brown eggs separates the delicious Hungarian goulash, which somewhat became too dark. With something cream one could still eat it.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences Jan and Fritz. This seems to be a common problem with artists...I feel better but am using timers now!

  5. I've had my own misfortune with juggling kitchen and art -- boiling a pot of water for tea and deciding to "spend a few minutes on wet-into-wet passages since they'd be quick -- I'd have to finish before the paper dries"! ... Well, I ended up painting one area after another until the bottom of the pot was totally burnt and cracked open -- that was dangerous!!!....

    But I have to say the eggs haven't died in vein -- this is such a lovely piece!

  6. Arena,
    Thanks for giving me a better way to think about those eggs!