Sunday, March 11, 2012

#23 foundation

After completing the itsy-bitsy color study (see my previous post) for this painting, I unframed Mediocre Painting #23, brushed the pastel off and applied an oil-wash foundation to the Wallis paper. The size on the finished painting will be 19 x 14.5 even though I have extra paper around the edges and could make it larger. One of the goals of these 23 reworks is to pop the new work right back into the existing mat and frame. If I took advantage of the larger surface, I'd have to purchase a new frame and add the empty frame and mat to my inventory of frames which is more than adequate already.

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  1. Thank you, Barbara, for taking the time to photograph your work-in-progress. It's such a learning opportunity for us out there on the internet!


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