Monday, March 25, 2013

reverie progress report

Progress Report or, Questions I am asking myself:

1.  Do I want to lighten the water to better match the 6x6 value study? YES, but not that bright, this is a different mood or time of day.

2.  Do I want to become more literal in the grasses under the water in the foreground and, if I do that, will it be too much contrast in technique to the way the background was handled.

3. Do I want to add more details (those tempting peekholes) to the tree mass in the background?

4. Do I need to resolve the background shoreline vs the landmass in upper right? YES, done.

5. Do I want to add more clumps of grasses in lower right that would lighten the values in that corner?

6. Do I want to make the grasses curve around on the right upper? YES, done.

7. Do I know when to walk away? And, while I am away, I will use PhotoShop to make all the adjustments I have questions about to see if they work.

Notice that none of these questions is about color. I'm good with that because this painting is about creating mood with a very limited palette.

1 comment:

  1. lovely. I am not usually a fan of winter paintings but the blues in this one make it uplifting.