Monday, May 27, 2013

the same but different

In the summer of 2010, as an experiment, I painted the same scene twice. The first painting, "Summer Sojourn," went to a gallery and on to a new home. It is also published on page 211 of my Art Answers: Pastel book.

Today, I brought the second version out of storage. "Summer Sojourn II" was an experiment in process vs product and has some exciting foundation work showing through the pastel. Click on the title above, then click on the image and see the upper right corner.

I started to unframe this painting to post it on my Studio Sale blog for the month of June but halfway through I thought, why not just sell it framed? Image size 9x8, frame size 15x13, Nielsen German Silver metal frame with white archival mat and glass. For purchase information, click on the Studio Sales link in the sidebar.

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