Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Acrylic - big ahaa!

In and out of the Studio in one hour this morning (quit while you're ahead) with a pretty big ahaa! In my continuing exploration with acrylic paint, today I am happy.

1. Start with an old, really bad acrylic painting from about 10 years ago (yes, I've WORKED with acrylic before). Use a Sharpie to sketch an idea onto the old painting.

2. Put a blob of white, sepia and black paint on your palette. Put a blob of acrylic medium on your palette. Get an old ratty brush and start covering the old painting.

3. Stand there. Wonder what you're doing.

4. Wonder if you can lift color OFF. Twenty three years ago I was invented my colored pencil technique of lifting color with reusable adhesive. Ten years later, I began to wash ALL pastel off leaving a ghost image to begin again. Another ten years and I began subtracting oil paint with a clean rag or brush in mineral spirits. But acrylic (the regular kind, not Open or Interactive) dries so fast...I spray water and scratch the surface but it is futile. Hmm...what about a razor blade? Voila! I love it.

Now, I know that if an acrylic artist were reading this, they would be laughing at what a Rookie I am. but I'm actually inspired to continue. If you are one of the many who have emailed me with your own experiences and concerns about acrylic, I encourage you to continue exploring. If we can learn to work WITH the medium there might be hope.

Fire Hydrant House, acrylic, 18x18 inches, waiting next step.

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  1. I am so glad your tenacity has brought you to a fun resolution with acrylics. I have not had the time/opportunity to paint for about eight months. We are just about finished with building our new "last" house. Our estimate to move in is another six weeks. I'm anxious to PLAY in our new dedicated art studio. Checking art blog posts keep me in the loop until then. Keep up the great work. Charlene