Saturday, January 23, 2016

Friday painting 1-22-16

Our little Friday Group at the community center is growing with several new people attending yesterday. The result is more art stimulation for everyone. I love to listen to them chat while I paint but then someone asked me a few questions and the end result is only one painting to show for my afternoon's work. I talked too much.

This is an usual subject for me, especially in the small 7 x 5 inch format. In my Studio it is easy to work a new subject past the point of no return, wipe it off and begin again. My self imposed challenge for these Friday sessions is to complete a painting so I am much more thoughtful in my color choices and stroke decisions. In doing that, the work retains a freshness.

1-22-16  Sunflowers, pastel, 7 x 5 inches


  1. Enjoy this-! You very seldom do Flowers-!
    Will you be showing at the Women Painters NW - Exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum on this Sunday-??

    1. Hello Mary, Thanks for your comment on this one. You're right, I seldom paint flowers in pastel. The WPW Show at the Bellevue Art Museum will be wonderful but I don't have a piece in the show. The theme of the show is Women's Work.