Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Two step by steps for Friday

I spent the morning in the Studio on this rainy, rainy day. One of the tasks was preparation for my Friday afternoon painting session. I selected two reference photos, both in the same color palette to minimize the number of pastels needed, put in a few guidelines with a pink pastel pencil and then laid in dry brush acrylic foundations. Just enough information to give me a visual map for pastel work.

There is a house I have been driving past for nine months. The 1949 Chevy is always parked in front, in the same place. I noticed today it has a For Sale sign in the window. I wonder if it runs?

I've painted this scene before. It is a body of water called Gold Creek though it looked like a lake to me when we visited in early spring a couple years ago. Once again, a dry brush application of acrylic for the underpainting. I like the feeling of painting in acrylic on sanded paper but my paint brushes say "ouch."


  1. Looking forward to seeing how these two develop. Hope you post the finished paintings.