Saturday, June 10, 2017

When you leave your reference photo at home...

I have an iPhone 6s (pretty small); I want a 7 Plus (bigger, better camera). I have never painted using a reference photos shown on my iPhone...until yesterday.

Yesterday as I prepared to leave for my Friday afternoon painting group, I shot a photo of my black Fredrix canvas sheet and the reference photo for Side Garden 2. Then dashed out the door. I soon realized that I left the reference photo* at home. Paint from memory or paint from iPhone? iPhone.

Side Garden 2, oil, 6x6 sold

* And now, I word about the reference photo: A couple days ago, in anticipation of rain, I cut the blooming peonies from the side garden and brought them inside for a bouquet. Next day, I decided to paint a close-up view of the peonies with the rest of the side garden and house as background but of course, the peonies were in the house. I took a photo of the bouquet, copy pasted a few flowers into the side garden photo just for reference, not placement. And then, forgot to take the reference photo with me to paint.

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