Monday, June 30, 2014

happy to be included

Last September I had the good fortune to be published in a feature article in Pratique des Arts, a well respected french art magazine. About a month ago they repeatedly tried to contact me to be a part of this Grand Masters of Pastel issue but all the emails must have gotten stuck in a filter long before they got to my server. Finally, with the deadline just days away, the journalist sent me an email from her personal account, I got it, was delighted to be included and quickly sent 8 images to choose from and a little text.

Voila! I saw the issue cover on Facebook but wondered which paintings they had chosen. A french fb friend kindly scanned the article - thank you Claudia!

I am pleased that "Sunset" (above, left) was chosen. It was sold through Daily Paintworks to a fellow artist. Top right image, "Shades of Summer" is the homepage image on my website and was sold to a collector through Scott Milo Gallery, Anacortes, WA. "Tidal Marsh" is from my abstracted landscape series of a couple years ago.