Saturday, June 21, 2014

paintings in waiting

Paintings and still life objects waiting the next step
I continue to focus on small still life paintings. I'm comfortable now with my oil technique but this week I changed my process a little. I'm completing the value stage and then moving on to another painting. When I get a couple more of these I'll go back to the first one and begin to add color. My reason is two-fold.

1. To let the value dry before adding color. Although this will limit my ability to remove paint back to the white surface, it will also limit my ability to remove paint when I should have left it where it was.

2. To distance myself emotionally from the composition and value stage, hopefully to approach the color work with fresh enthusiasm.

I'm always looking for ways to make better paintings. Now, the obstacle is not materials or technique but instead, my inner dialogue. Find ways to free yourself to create your best work.

Food for thought


  1. Its beautifull, all of them...but still missing your "old" style!

  2. Missing landscapes? I think my style is transferring and the subject is always light but the objects are different. Thanks for your comment! Best Regards, b.

  3. Not only subject... i think now your style is influenced by that workshop you followed. And yes landscapes are better anyway;o) Regrads to you to.K

  4. I'm afraid the workshop with Qiang and his thoughtful approach and words of wisdom have faded in my memory after the first dozen paintings. Now I'm painting more quickly to get ready for a show. Happy Summer to you.