Monday, June 27, 2016

Painting with ghosts - join me!

I hope I got someone's attention with that post heading. I need a few more students in my September 30 - October 2 Pastel Workshop. For a few hours we will be painting with ghosts (images). So fun, so freeing! Here's what I mean:

Today I came across this pastel painting in my studio storage. It must be 10 years old...I can remember several different rooms where it hung in our previous house. I liked it. I still like it but not enough to hang it. So, I took it outside and brushed it off with a stiff house-paint brush. That left a ghost of the previous painting.
Turned it upside down and pondered it for a couple seconds, used similar colors and started in.

The opportunity in painting with a ghost is NOT using a reference photo. Let the ghost and your intuition guide you. Very soon into your strokes you'll begin to visualize what might be.

Sometimes you don't know if you're done until you photograph it and look at it on the computer screen. Sort of like not being able to see the forest for the trees. Seeing it on your display gives new perspective. At this point I made more changes. Now I'm done. See the finished painting below. I will post it on the auction at Daily Paintworks.

Consider joining me to spend a couple hours painting a ghost of your own in the 3-day workshop I'll be teaching near my home. We'll come here to the lake for lunch, Studio Tour and Super Sale of my Small Paintings. I have a PayPal object that plugs into my iPhone for credit card sales. I look forward to trying it. Email Deb Cepeda at comcast dot net for more into on the workshop.
Toward Evening, pastel, 10 x 8 inches
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