Thursday, January 12, 2017

Goodbye October Lake

I have painted our lake in all seasons. Tomorrow, my "October Lake" will ship to new owner M.G. I thought you might be interested in my packaging for your own use. I taped the painting to archival foam core then cut strips of the same 3/8" foam core to fit all around the painting like a frame. this 3/8" insures that nothing will touch the image surface when I place another piece of foam core on top. I may choose different packaging methods for different surfaces. For Pastelmat, a piece of glassine or poly sleeve works well because that paper is super "grabby" but this method works for all papers especially if the surface is somewhat textured with my pastel spattering.

I have posted three paintings from my 2016 Rock Creek Series on the eBay auction at 2016 prices.
Rock Creek Series: #4

Rock Creek Series: #6
Rock CreekSeries: #1


  1. I did receive your two posts via email delivery. Hope it helps solve the mystery.
    Regards, Amy M

  2. Hi Barbara,

    I have been receiving your blogs, but only just lately...there has been a big gap in between..... I think when you started building I received the occasional email.
    Just recently they have started coming again whatever happened, it's working on my end now ! xo

  3. Hi Barbara, I received your two posts. Luv them!!! Diana

  4. Yes, Barbara, I have received your blog posts. As always, I look forward to seeing your beautiful work and your insightful written words. Keep them coming!

  5. Hi Barbara,
    I did receive your two posts. Beautiful work!