Saturday, January 28, 2017

Goodbye Winter?

Rock Creek Winter #4, pastel, 5x7 inches Available
This may be the last of the Winter series of this subject. It is the end of January and it is beginning to feel like Spring! Progression steps of this one are on my FB page as a slide show. See my plein air set up, reference photo and steps below.  Goodbye winter?

I received a question from Diana H. about my set up when working outside the Studio.

1. Easel: My easel is a Soltek that I invested in years ago. Google Soltek easel to learn more about it. It has two built-in compartments. I used to have pastel boxes that fit exactly but now I use some of the foam from my Pastel Porter to hold my pastels in place. At the far left of this photo you'll see more foam pieces that look like little ladders or fences - I can't remember where they came from. I put these on top of the pastels before I close the compartment lids. (I could take the entire Pastel Porter with me but that would be another item to carry.)

2. Reference photo: You can see my reference photo in this shot. I print it out 5x7 (same size as the painting) on glossy paper. The photo is from our neighborhood, early morning a couple weeks ago when it was very cold.

3. Pastels: This portable selection is a mixture of various brands and a warm and cool stick of each hue as well as white. I also take my hard Holbeins and NuPastels with me when painting away from the studo. And, a few pastel pencils (as you can see in yesterday's post).

4. Paper: Still loving Clairefontaine Pastelmat in several colors.

5. Backing board is 1/2" Gatorboard and tape is Dick Blick Artist's tape, white, 3/4".

That's about it. If you have any questions, make a comment on this post and I'll answer on this post.  Steps are below.

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