Saturday, January 21, 2017

PAINT ALONG WITH ME? Rock Creek Winter Series: #1

I'm starting to figure out how to make a demo video - shorter is better for many reasons. But, if the video is only a couple minutes long (the average time a viewer is engaged) then it will be only a small part of the painting time. What can I do with that?

How about Paint Along With Me*? You can even use my reference photo (below) for this project. Each time I paint, I'll post a still shot of the painting as well as the video.
Above is the reference photo. Print it out for yourself in color and in gray scale.
This is how I begin. I draw an X through the ref photo and on my sanded paper. This helps me transfer the scene onto my working surface in the correct proportions. My painting is 7x5 inches and I'm working on Clairefontaine Pastelmat with hard and soft pastels.

When you view the Step 1 video, you may want to view the additional 8 short videos of this project or you can wait until the next day for my post and the link. The videos for this project are all titled BBNewton RCW1 (Rock Creek Winter #1). Click on the link below to see the YouTube video.

*I just came across a blog I forgot I had. I created it nearly four years ago and named it Paint With Me. That is where this type of post belongs but for today, I'm posting it here.

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