Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Acrylic Project #18 - #24 and FAQs

I'm still working on The Acrylic Project and have 6 paintings to go to reach my goal of 30. I've learned so much about this medium! I post these paintings on my website and on Instagram and I am so appreciative of the warm response they have received. I think I have gained a new group of acquaintances:  Acrylic Artists. 

FAQ: The palette I'm using is a Masterson Sta-Wet - the new model with the little cups for paint. My old Sta-Wet was a mess. I posted both on my Instagram page bbnewtonartstudio.

FAQ: After the acrylic paint cures for several days, I apply an isolation barrier. A few days after that, I wax and buff the painting. I like the organic look of the wax more than the synthetic look of varnish. See instructions on bbnewtonartstudio.

FAQ: The little vase I'm using was a gift from one of my co-workers when I "retired" after 16 years at K2 Skis on Vashon Island, WA.

If you work in acrylic and have any tips for me, please comment below. Thanks! 

#24 "Together" 🎈

#23 "I Do"  🎈

#22 "Only You"  🎈

#21 "Sweet Nothings" 🎈

#20 "Endearments" 🎈

#19 "We Got This" 🎈

#18 "Best Friends Forever" 🎈


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