Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Another attitude adjustment

I have fancy plein air equipment that I have collected over the years. It is in nearly new condition because though I've used it occasionally with pastel, oil, and even watercolor, I have not become a fan of painting plein air. Or, at least I wasn't until today.

This morning I took my Open Box M (recently converted to hold a State-Wet palette for acrylic) outside the Studio to the flower garden. There isn't much left out there except the sunflower sentinels with their bowed heads.  

After painting the small floral still life set-ups in my studio for the past couple months, this open-air experience was unexpectedly freeing. Wheee! What fun. Big brush, big strokes. Surprisingly, by the time I  had had enough (about 15 minutes) I was happy with the result and was feeling I may have found the plein air medium that suits me. A couple things contributed to success: 

1. The goal was to paint an image that will inform a larger, Studio work. 

2. I like to paint fast and acrylic dries quickly so I can make corrections and adjustments. And, I don't have to stand at my easel outdoors very long (I'd rather be weeding).

On the Edge of Summer: Sunflowers
acrylic, 10 x 8 inches

If you have tried acrylic and/or plein air painting and aren't a fan, consider giving them another try. 

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