Monday, May 11, 2020

A few words about reference photos

Here are excerpts from my texts to my helpful neighbors, Marci and Corrin as they prepare to take reference photos for me to use.

The photos that will work best for me are not “arranged” set ups as much as casual looks at items you use. When I thought of each of you, I thought of the items on your kitchen countertop Marci. Corrin, I immediately thought of a collection of items as a centerpiece on your dining room table. 

My work is about light and the way it strikes objects. Shadows cast by the objects are great. Light coming through glass is great. Here is an example.

This is a nice subject to paint but it doesn't hold my interest very long.

Here is the same subject placed in a more
 interesting setting. But because it is backlit, it is very dark.

A little work with Photoshop on the roses
 and I have a good reference photo, ready to paint. 

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