Sunday, May 17, 2020

Need an Ellipse Check?

So....I'm working on a painting with three Glassybabys. (I Googled "What is the plural of Glassybaby?" and got nothing. You know what I mean - there are three of them in my painting).

I'm basically done with the pink one (BFF) and the blue one (peace) and am about to start on the one in the foreground (lavender). I needed an ellipse check for lavender so I took a photo of my painting, cropped it to a detail shot and selected the ellipse tool in Photoshop Elements.

I put the ellipse tool on peace and copy/pasted it. I moved the pasted copy to lavender and because lavender is closer to the viewer, I dragged the ellipse tool to be wider and deeper. Looks good to me, now to paint it. Ellipses are critical. You can lose the edges, even a lot of them, but the underlying foundation has to be correct or... OR IT'S NOT. Always double check your ellipses.

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